From ZBrush to CNC Milled Limestone

These are some pieces that I created using ZBrush and Blender. Lately I’ve started using the ZModeler brush instead of Blender(anybody know of a wire frame mode?) The digital sculpts were CNC milled out of limestone and were then hand finished by traditional stone carvers. These pieces were made for a temple here in Florida. The Agnus Dei piece design was changed to a crown of thorns piece instead so that piece is only about 70% finished.


Great work! Progress shots! Thanks! I sculpt in ZBrush for trophies, so I focus on practical casting s, no undercuts, type work. It’s allot of planning, some limits but awesome when thought out. Thanks! Like your Barbed wire brush too!

Shift+F will show the edges on the surface of the model. No wire frame mode that I know of.

This is great work, Such a large piece too. :slight_smile: