From the archives of my ZBrush journey - my first demo project teaching ZBrush

I learned ZBrush in order to teach ZBrush. Most of my ZBrush work has been projects worked out to demonstrate to students.

My first big project, back in 2013, was a demonstration of a totem pole assignment, and is still one of my favourites: a study of a plaster lamp base depicting the 3 Marx Brothers in caricature.

So many connections to personal history! I drew caricatures for a living for a long time. I watched every Marx Brothers movie I could find (back in the day before video stores…!). And I once owned the plaster lamp base. Alas. Moving across the globe meant letting go of a lot of possessions.

As I worked on the renders for this post, I noticed lots of things I’d like to fix, such as Groucho’s and Chico’s head intersecting with the lamp post.

Marx Bros totem front view Marx Bros totem rear view

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