From 2D towards 3D...or Re-education

Understanding 2D to model 3D…

Aurick… my apologises… This tute is not finished…I just read your note on the forum. If you wish me to take it down until finished that’s fine. I will have the majority finished in 2 weeks though.

The story thus far…

I found some coloured pencils and paper.
I haven’t drawn anything seriously for many years, let alone used colored pencils.

I drew something from memory that I had seen on the net a few weeks before.

Pencils… don’t draw your pic too small, as the lead becomes to wide after a little use. Witness the hands of the first pic here, they were too small to draw properly. Do use a hard smooth board under your pic when drawing…I didn’t… if you don’t small areas again become to hard to define. Don’t try to use watercolor pencils over the classic colored pencil…you’ll ruin your drawing. Warercolor pencils can be used to block in areas…just add some water to the tip. Don’t press to hard, as the pencil color becomes glossy. Do mix your colors with pencil color on pencil color… black blends well with dark colors to merge the color onto the paper.

Big deal I hear… this is a 3D board. Yep it is, but alot of people here seem to not bother learning how to draw or paint. A shame. Here on this thread I am about to show you what I put myself through to get myself up to speed artwise.

I was once a cartoonist and graphic artist… and haven’t drawn properly for about 10 years.

The pic below so disgusted me I decided to regain my lost learning.

There are so many things wrong with it…
The hands
etc etc
…Elephant droppings really.

If you follow this thread you may just learn something, as I intend to take you on a journey of self discovery.

Firstly there is this Picture done from memory…
I have now found the actual picture on the net.
I shall copy it using no other tool but my eye.
Then I shall trace the original and overlay it over my “eye” copy to see how way off the mark I might be… (I shall post the results shortly…I was about 10% off the mark with my copy). I shall then work my version to a finished 2d piece…and finally in ZBrush 3 turn it into a 3d textured model. All things going well…


Next I will post the outline of the image… improving on the form and perspective…

I shall post in new threads as I continue. Reason… for slow connections too many images are annoying. More below this thread…


trace red mine black.jpg

This should be really interesting! You have my undevided attention. :smiley:

I intend to take you on a journey of self discovery.

I’m sure I heard reverb when I read that.

That’s the thing about limited brain size and computers - your always learning something new, or re-learning something you used to know and forgot because of all the new stuff you had to learn.

And the stuff you think you’ll never forget because it seems so obvious at the time is as sure as eggs is eggs precisely what you do forget.

Look forward to reading more.

Thanks Highlander. At least some of us may find this useful.
The Flooze…yup words of wisdom.

Okay… most of it is seeping back into my brain. However I shall continue.

Know what you are drawing… that is a good rule.

Live the drawing, feel the drawing, smell the drawing, be the drawing.

Every line should be alive. For every colour, tone, hue, kink etc there must be a valid reason for being.

Most of what I mentioned above I feel instinctively… you should as well, but if you don’t , well then follow this thread.

Okay… I have this figure to draw. It contains a great deal of foreshortening, but is the foreshortening valid?

Study the following image…

perspective 4shortening1.jpg

More to come…



This is very interesting!

I’m looking out to see how your illustration will evolve…

Thanks for sharing :+1:


Not if you upload the image, but don’t embed it in the post. Then only the thumbnail will load.