Frogspasm Doodle Thread

Well, at least I hope it turns into a thread. I hope to keep my butt in gear and start posting a little more regularly. Gotta start beefing up those art skills.
Sheesh… it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything
Anyway, here’s the first of hopefully many Zdoodles.
Thanks Pixologic! You kept your promise, and how!





Urrgh. Crunching at work right now so not much time to play.
I’m not quite sure where I’m going with this one yet. Started him as a polySphere, and retopo’d it once or twice, brought it back to Maya for a little more cleanup, then back to Zbrush.


~Mike D.



Hah! dude, the first pic was exactly what I was hoping for when Iclicked the thread title… Cheers LYW :+1:

One for the road, time to get to work! Arrgh, Zbrush is causing me to lose sleep this week…




Here’s a new one for practice, still very WIP (Rendered in Zbrush):


Here’s an update on the last one.
He’s a bit lumpy, but I think I’m going to call him finished for now


Still working on this one. I want to retopo him, seperate the mouth and teeth and give him some eyeballs. I’m really starting to like polypainting. The relax mesh function is pretty awesome too. C & C welcome, as always.

Not bad! I like the devil looking one with the small horns. :slight_smile:

I understant you can’t sleep much, it’s so addictive to just play with ZB tools.

Ok, so it’s only been 3 freaking years since I’ve posted anything. Sheesh.
I’ve been seriously missing Zbrush lately, and feeling the urge to brush up and push my skills a bit farther.

Hopefully I'll keep the momentum up a little better than the last time!