Froggie On A Can

Another froggie image. I like frogs… :lol: I want to do another image of one leaping with legs going every whichway.

Anyway, everything except the watering can was built in ZBrush. The can was made in Silo then imported. Rendered in ZBrush and postwork in Photoshop.

I rendered it twice. Once with the materials you see present and four lights, and once with all the materials replaced with a simple white material and a single light with small aperture for hard edged shadows then overlayed the second over the first. It gets a nice outdoor effect.

edit: Lightened the image up a bit. It wasn’t looking sunny enough.




(plants flag)
Sweet render I really love the lighting.
Cant believe this was rendered in Zbrush.
I will give it five stars especially since I think we need more of this naturalism in the top.
If you did one more layer in the back of somthing semi blurry this would have amazing DOF

oops forgot your gold stars;)

what a well executed picture I like it alot thank u for sharing

how did u do the grass?? it looks real nice and hey why not add just a drip from the water pump? just a suggestion very nice again

great stuff!..and a nice change of pace…now we just need a widescreen version! :smiley:

look forward to seeing some more.

Nicely done! 50.

yes, give us more insight about your outstanding workflow:+1:
Really master work!

a very nice render,and a great work!!!

… think we certainly need more of these!
Scenes like this one are a rare thing, and should go top row instantly, bashing some of them uglies out of there!

Thanks for the nice replies!

cannedmushrooms, ZBrush’s renderer is under rated. Using a multipass approach,you can get great results. I thought of slightly blurring the daisies, but only after it was finished. If I had more time, I would go back and fix that. But other projects are calling me right now. :smiley:

(v)olotov, the grass was just 6-7 simple stalks grouped together that I just kept placing over a plane sculpted to be the ground. I would place the group, then snapshot the clump, then move it a bit & rotate it, snapshot it again, repeat until the ground plane was covered. I still think the grass looks a bit patterned. It’s because I used the same clump of grass over the entire ground. Next time I do grass, I’ll make a few different types of clumps and try to mix it up more. Your drip idea sounds good too!