zb for the guy, lw and modo for the machine, helmet, glasses and biker´s base mesh




I like his mustache too! keep up the good work

Five stars …if you inflate his calf muscles. :wink:

haha cool…now that’s what I call a hardtail…you might wanna tie a pillow to his arse too :smiley:

wonderfull, love it.:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Looks like alot of work. five stars



lol, freaking rad.

Love the bike.

Looks great :+1: its gonna look even better if you place him on a highway. Great orange county choppers beard. :smiley:

I see your getting some wierd shadows going on with the best render. I had this same problem. If you go to your light pallette and at the bottom turn up the light rays to like 250 and pull the aperature down to 50 you will get much better results. Don’t know if you know this already but I saw your shadows and they look very similar to what I had going on!


thx all for your c&c




Don’t inflate hs calfs. I dig that he’s got a soft gut and pencil thin calfs. He never walks! He just rides! LOL!

That’s really amazing work, though I gotta say, the first couple of pictures don’t fit on my widescreen monitor with firefox in fullscreen mode. I realize that I may not have the fanciest setup here, but who are these pictures for?

lol abraXas, good eye for the logos. :smiley:

hi again, i´m going to try another freewheelin image, some bike maintenance this time


I’m loving the look of this, its great fun.

Might want to get him check out those tyres though…not sure I’d want to take a corner on them. :wink: