Freelance Zbrush Artist Wanted In-house (London Based)

We are currently on the lookout for a Zbrush artist to work in house at a London based studio for the end of October and majority of November for an exciting project.
The job is currently confidential but It will involve compositing and refining a large group of full body 3d scans each estimated to range from 1 to 6 million polygons for 3d printing.
An In depth knowledge within Zbrush of polygon efficiency, remeshing, merging of meshes and projection of detail in a high polygon environment is paramount along with sound digital and traditional sculpting techniques.

Experience with commercial 3d printing and 3d scanning is recommended and knowledge of industry standard 3d printing software like Magics is also a plus.

Any knowledge of texture mapping is mostly redundant and therefore omitted from the workflow.

If you are interested and genuinely feel this is something that suits your current abilities then please DM me and we can discuss this further.