FREE Update to the Digital Clay Pack

Hey guys! I just wanted to share some stuff I’ve been doing while testing some new Digital Clay Brushes for ZBrush. It’s amazing what everyone is creating with the clay brushes!!

As a token of my appreciation for all of your support, I just did a free update to the pack with 15 new brushes and 10 ZBrush clay MatCaps for sculpting and presentation render.

Here is a horned creature sculpted in ZBrush and rendered in Keyshot using the new brushes:


Here is an image of the creature rendered in ZBrush using the MatCaps from the update:

If you have already got the pack, you should have received an email already with the link. If you haven’t got the pack, the update with the extra brushes and MatCaps will come with the downloads already.

Here are a couple of the new brushes in action:
Clay_brushes_001 Clay_brushes_002 Clay_brushes_003

Also, some of you guys asked me about how I came up with these brushes. So here are a couple of time-lapses of the actual process of sculpting the ‘clay alphas’ that some of the brushes use. Everything obviously was done in ZBrush:


Keep sharing your Digitial Clay work!!!


That’s so generous of you Pablo! :slight_smile: Do you have a movie that shows on a sphere (or other surface of your choice) the effect each brush stroke does to the underlying geo?

My pleasure @Jaime ! I just updated this post with some gifs of the effect of the brushes and the process of creating the alphas that some brushes use. Cheers!

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Hi ! I’m using Keyshot for render too but I can’t use the textures and maps while im rendering. You have a video of how to render in Marmoset, Is there any video for how to use them Keyshot ? Thank you !