Free training on getting started with ZBrush

Hi everyone, next week I’m hosting a free live training in ZBrush for absolute beginners where I’ll be walking you through my 7 simple steps to get started with ZBrush. I thought I share it here in case you want to join or know of someone what has been wanting to jump into the ZBrush wagon :wink:

The webinar is happening on the 26th of November (AEDT) at 9:00 AM, all the details are in this page where you can reserve your spot (I use Zoom and I got limited seats so if you are interested to make sure you grab one).

PS: I’ll be showing some ‘behind-the-scenes’ stuff about my own ZBrush journey (basically how I came up with the ‘7 steps’) and demoing some useful things for anyone starting in the digital sculpting world.


@Pablander Freaking love this promo image with the ZBrush UI :grin: :+1: