FREE - JJ OBJ Toolkit for Maya


Hi guys,

I’ve published a little set of scripts. This toolkit is a set of simple scripts tailored to provide clean, easier and more effective workflow for handling OBJ files in Maya. Thanks to the Import as blend shape options it keeps all your scene hierarchy, geometry UVs, UV sets, shader assignments etc. It was intensively tested on projects like Pacific Rim: Uprising, Venom and lately Avengers: Endgame.

Download, enjoy and share. Thanks!



the link here does not work, but i found it on gumroad through the search bar. Try using this link: https://gumroad.com/discover?query=%20JJ%20OBJ%20Toolkit%20for%20Maya


Exciting news! JJ OBJ Toolkit has a first update released. New UI, new functions and other tweaks.
To update download new zip file, overwrite your old script and you are good to go.

Free Download - https://gum.co/jj_obj_toolkit or https://flippednormals.com/downloads/jj-obj-toolkit-for-maya/ref/janjinda/

Check a quick demo and be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube channel for #3DQuickTips and more content.


Feel free to contact me with any feedback, feature suggestions etc.

Release Notes

  • Revamped and streamlined UI (radio buttons, different title bar, etc.)
  • Batch blendS on Single now supports importing multiple OBJs as blend shape targets on one geometry.
  • Batch blendS on Multiple is no longer case sensitive. ZBrush tends to mix with letter casing, this should solve most issues.
  • Ignore duplicate geos added to export options as it was not previously possible to export geo, which shared a name with other geo in the scene.
  • Other minor code tweaks.