Free Head 4 Download

Hi all,

I’ve just finished my first ever Silo head, so I thought I’d put it up for down load here to help any newbies like myself.
I’ve tried to maintain quads and edgeloops, but it’s still very basic & low poly - an ideal start for Zbrushers. (You will have to add your own eyeballs)
Please post any comments, and images of anything you create with it - I’d love to see them.

Here’s a quick sculpt of it to show you what it’s like:


Thanks so much…I’ve trying to model a head to practice the "texturing with photo… this will make it much easier to start with! Thanks for sharing this!


No problem - I’m just giving as I have taken from this community.

Hi JIT_GOHIL Great work I Like that ! great texturing can u give me some textures for Face That would be Nice of U I m really thankfull u r really helpfull :smiley:
Once Again NICE WORK !

Pleasent - here’s where you can download the skins and lights - I always use these:


Always willing to help. Jit.

Hey that head aint to bad for a first one, I couldn’t resist a little play…

It’s very dark but that’s the point…

Today is … 06-06-06


Thanks for sharing jit_gohil, if you want the ZTL of this one gimme a PM…:+1:

I like it!!
Keep em coming!

Here it is again with some eyes:


Just thought I’d play with this again.
Please download the head (at the top) and play and post!
Thanks, Jit.

Different materials:

Added more detail, changed texture a bit…


Maybe if Samual L. Jackson was an alien…

sorry, but i couldnt help myself

cool Ciroman, it there to practice with, keep `em coming!!!

Another variation - this one I may follow through a bit further.
Just a skin material applied, no texture painted as yet.


Don’t forget you can download the original Ztool for this head above - please have a play!:slight_smile:

Just another pic