Fredaxc Sketchbook

Hey guys!

Four days ago i finally decided to give zbrush a try.
For the past 4 days i spent around 6~8 hours everyday learning, watching tutorials, doing everything i possibly can to learn.

I decided to create this threat to post my evolution and to motivate myself.

Thank you :slight_smile:




I see you taking the dynamesh approach the sculpt. Its not bad but for me it work well only to blockout the general form, then I remeseh so the edgeflow is better.

Welcome in the community man :slight_smile:

Scote - Yes, I have been using dynamesh ^^, thank you for the tip!

Actually, I am kinda stuck right now.
I watched a few tutorials, I have more and less an idea of the basics, so my question is, What is best way for me to progress now? just look at references and try to sculp? Start with noses, hands, or just go for full characters?

I love the Dark souls characters. That’s what i am inspiring to be able to make someday :slight_smile:

I know I have to practise and practise non-stop, just trying to find what is the best “road to follow”, because i am feeling a bit lost.

Thank you!

For the skull you need good ref. Right now you should attempt to reproduce a real skull with some refs. If you want grab my turntable skull in my user gallery to practice

Practising anatomy.
And i am starting to feel very confortable with my wacom tablet.

For example, when you guys make human characters, that are going to have clothes/armour, do you use a base meshes to save time? Thank you! :slight_smile:


First anatomy Study.
Had a hard time sculpting hands and feet, it was my first time doing them, have to sculpt them alone a couple of times, to get better at it.

Head study.

Depend on your reference but I would say the anatomy is wrong. The legs feel short and the torso to low

@Scote - yeah, I am really studying propotions of the body.
As always, thank you for your imput, helps a lot! :slight_smile:

Some more zbrush practise:

Started as a random sketch, had fun with it and decided to post it.

First full character, still a WIP.

Based on a concept by: jhm Illustration

The keyshot render was just for fun.
More clay renders in my artstation:

C&C are welcome :slight_smile:
Thank you guys.