Frazetta's "Freedom"

This started out as a contest a few years ago that had to be put down as work picked up, I used it to learn more about Zbrush. As a result, each of the figures was built using different methods
(zSketch, zShpheres and Dynamesh). Hope you cats dig it.



freedom 5.jpg

freedom 6.jpg

freedom 7.jpg

freedom 1.jpg

freedom 8.jpg


Pure awesomeness!! you win the internet today for me sir :wink:

Thanks CookieMonster

Haha that’s badass!

good job

That’s some top notch work. Inspiring!

nice work.

Ha,ha, funny piece excellently executed.
the only thing that bothers me somehow, but this is really nitpicking, is the handle of the big gun .
somehow it looks a little bit off and less elegant than the illustration, though I am aware you changes some details on purpose…

Wow that’s something! The look on the lower girls face is priceless.

@JakeRupert: thanks man, I had to resist the urge to change rifle butt.

@Nyx702: the photographer was talking too long. :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the kind words, this was a fun piece that I learned a lot from. Glad you enjoyed it.

Here’s a close-up render of the gunslinger’s head and hair, he got the most detail out of the three to contrast
the softness of his ladies.

freedom 11.jpg

Great work!

Yeah man! That’s something big!

That Charles Bronson looking dude is pretty sweet.

@dozogovi, Charles Bronson lives on