Frazetta Sculpts

I’m working on some sculpts based off Frank Frazetta paintings.

The first one is “A Princess of Mars”

I imagined it as the basis for a collectible sculpture, so I took some liberties to fit everything onto a reasonably sized base.

john carter clay render 1 small.jpg
john carter clay render 2 small.jpg
john carter clay render 3 small.jpg
john carter clay render 4 small.jpg

And the original painting:

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This is based on Frazetta’s “Nightstalker”

Nightstalker back small.jpg
Nightstalker front 2 small.jpg
Nightstalker left small.jpg
Nightstalker right small.jpg
Nightstalker front 1 small.jpg

The original painting:

This is based on Frazetta’s “Catgirl”

Catgirl render front small.jpg
Catgirl render back small.jpg
Catgirl render right small.jpg
Catgirl render left small.jpg
Catgirl render top small.jpg

The original painting:
frazetta cat girl.jpg


frazetta cat girl.jpg

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If your goal is to 3D print these, I will accept your artistic liberties. Even with them, however, these are still awesome sculpts and capture the essence of the painting.

I tried doing something similar a few years ago, but my skills were nowhere near yours. Kudos on your works, and good luck on getting them made as actual statues!

Thank you very much ArtMonkey!

Cool stuff man. Its a shame the Frazetta estate is still such a mess. There is so much potential with this license.

Thanks Ehren!

Is the feuding still going on? I thought the Frazetta kids would have settled everything by now.

Beautiful tributes to the master. :+1: Really excellent. Congrats on making the top row, too!

Thank you Webhead!

Top row? Yippeeeeee!!!

Great works!
I sculpted one Frazettas concept as well…you can check my sculpts : )
He was really great artist!

Yeah dude. The family situation is still really odd. One of the biggest problems is that when Frank Sr passed away, the kids split up the artwork and now the licensing of various paintings is really tricky. A real Bummer

Thanks djurdja, your work looks good too!

Excellent Sculptures!!! Bravo! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

The man was phenomenal, as everything came directly from his mind, and because of his stint in the comic book realm, learned speed, as his paintings only took him a day to complete!..Fun fact: Back in the early paperback novella days the publishers themselves requested his work, and they picked the books to fit his paintings!
Up until that point, it was unheard of in that industry!

You have honored his work magnificently!

TakezoSunfire - Thank you! And thanks for the background info!

Takai - Thank you!

very very nice mate :+1:

…adaptation! :sunglasses:

where can download this model for print whit my 3d printer

where can download this model for print whit my 3d printer