Frankenstein WIP

Sorry, as if we need to see another Frankenstein model.

Franky… yah It looks good, its a nice start; just by looking at the model it seemed liked it was Frankenstein on the thumbnail! Now all it need is a texture, some scars… maybe , a skin material, a scene and your own view towards it:lol:

Hi… Yes… it looks good …looking foreward to see more…//. i’ll guess we all have a little Mary Shelley/Dr. Frankenstein’s monster in us all :slight_smile: // gretz from Andy
p.s. i hate :slight_smile: when people calls the monster … Frankenstein … :slight_smile:

A real good start on that Frankie there, BC. I like the forehead and eyelids.
Keep them updates comin’…:smiley:


I think the eye lids really help to sell it as a life like image.

The only critique I would have is that IMO there are a few too many scratches on the cheeks. A less i more kind of thing.

But I love that the fore head has a completely different texture that the rest and the bridge of the nose texture looks great I think

And I don’t know if you were going specifically for a Karloff monster, but if you were you might want to sink in the cheeks a bit.