Framedworld New Sketchbook

Hey guys I used to post here a lot but after a while stopped for some reason. I figured it would be a good idea to get back into it for a bit. Most of this stuff is found on Artstation:

Most recent sketch image:


first thing I did after a bit of time was an Olivetti style Batman. Playing with forms and texturing techniques. Just more of a study that I wanted to finish up.

this can be found here on artstation:

the other sketch I did was a Hammerhead Shark Chippendale. Its a realtime game asset, rendered in both marmoset and sketchfab. I had a ton of fun, I used this as a way to try zwrap out on none traditional forms and seeing how they hold up, some major cleanup was needed but overall it was a success!

You can find this here


The other thing I’m working on is a fun little anatomy piece.


Also I can throw up a little 3d print I made of Teddy Roosevelt from Civilization VI, I always enjoyed working on that character and turning him into a toy was a blast!


Good to see you posting again @Framedworld
That Teddy Roosevelt statue came out nicely :wink:


Thank you @jaime it is good to be back!

Just a small update, popping all the pieces together, going to start on clothing soon :slight_smile:

Still WIP


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@Framedworld - Your anatomy sketch study ‘character’ reminds me of Michael Fassbender (Prometheus)…even-though he does not look at all like him…however his look/eyes make me think somewhat of him :slight_smile:

Keep pushing!!


took my body mesh and did a bake and texture in painter and did a lighting set up to see where I’m at. WIP obviously

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Bring it on @Framedworld :muscle: :slightly_smiling_face:


still tweaking in marmoset, gonna probably take a break and start clothing

got a new tablet so I’m testing it out by doing a cartoony lincoln sketch


hehehe instantly recognizable :slightly_smiling_face:

Very very cool styzlized Lincoln sketch and you nailed the likeness.
Always a pleasure seeing work from you Matthew buddy. @Framedworld

Happy sculpting,
Kenny :slight_smile:

still messing around with lincoln, next step is a skin and hair card pass. gonna see how much is too much when it comes to skin pores for a piece like this. IMG_20190703_103154_660

revisited the stylization of Lincolns face as well as attempted a more detailed skin representation. I don’t want the pores to overwhelm, just more of something that catches the light and is there for closeups.


Did a speed sculpt of Kratos from a cylinder, Prepping a youtube vid of the sculpting process. I was testing out @glaucolonghi brush to do it. Ended up switching away from it to clean it up. Cool brush, might not use it for a ton but awesome to stretch yourself and try some new tools. I’ll be uploading this piece for you all to print and have as I have no real use for it outside of the vid. :+1: