Forrest knight ( vahid ahmadi sktechbook )

hi guysssssss
Forrest knight course.
All done and rendered in bpr zbrush.
This is 61 hours zbrush course from start to render and composite that I did for yihuu.com
And Special thanks to great master and kind friend seunghee-lee for amazing concept.
Forrest knight all done and rendered in zbrush and mixing passes in photoshop.
Special thanks to great master and kind friend seunghee-lee for the concept.
This course covers almost every tool in zbrush and it is total review of zbrush as well. and it has basics, and advanced workflows and and we use topology brush,zsphere topology,making materials, ,macros, nanomesh,array mesh,different kind of curve brushes,polypaint, bpr render, mixing in photoshop,etc…
download my materials free here:

02.Forrest knight by vahid ahmadi 12-008ab.jpg

03.vahid ahmadi forrst knight close up-003.jpg

09.forrest knight tutorial  zbrush scene 2.jpg


and some more

Forrest knight by vahid ahmadi 14-009t.jpg

Forrest knight by vahid ahmadi clay.jpg
vahid ahmadi zbrush scene.jpg

Forrest knight by vahid ahmadi 16.jpg

Wowwwww Vahid John the Brother is an excellent model and I enjoy it

fadat amir jaan mokhlesam thanks alot dear amir

wow. amazing work sensei <3 love her. this must be top row amazing. the way you work with ZBrush is stunning. thank for sharing.

thanks alot bro

Your work is so good and the top row really deservd. Congrats!

But that interface just killed me :wink: You work like that or turn it off while sculpting?

hello bro @nebular yes mu ui is total messed up :D:laughing: well the reason is because i try to learn new stuff and minor things for my self i keep them sometimes open to experminet with everything and many thanks bro for your kindness

thanks alot pixologic for featuring!

Wow dear vahid, You came with a fantastic work. She’s amazing. Good job man :+1: