Fly girl

hey! I figured I would post this character here too. I made this character a little while ago but when I looked back on her I was not that happy with the result. Her face looked wonky and the render itself was not really good. So I decided to rework her and now I am much more happy with the result.

She’s sculpted in pose. This is something that I really enjoy doing. Characters that I do for work are very detailed and technical so I like on my free time to be more loose. Not worrying about topology or structure, just having fun with forms and colors.

Here are some shots.









Excellent form and balance. Definitely TR worthy. :+1:

Brilliant work! You’ve certainly captured her spunky attitude very well!

I am curious, are the beauty renders BPRs or from an external render engine?

Thank you guys! :slight_smile:

@sudhan, yes all the beauty shots are rendered directly in marmoset toobag, so BPR rendering. There are no textures though it’s all polypaint. The turnaround shot are just zbrush screenshots.

@KarakarT Ahh I see. By BPR I was refering to ZBrush’s built-in render engine. But nonetheless the results you’ve got with Marmoset Toolbag are very cool too!

Very lovely and fluid pose. I really like it, even more for sculpting like that.
Great painting btw.