Second instalment for the Flux serie about abstract sculpting :

Timelapse :


Intriguing use of claypolish to create masking on fractured forms :+1:

Using the Snakehook Brush set to Color spray for the stroke with alpha 25 is also a useful way to fracture polygons as a starting point.

Also the claytubes brush with spray stroke and a dotty alpha like alpha 25 is another useful way to fracture the initial form as a basis for sketching.

These would both work very well with your claypolish technique.

Thanks ! I’ll try the tips

Hyper cool. J’aime le fait que ça soit abstrait, ca sort du lot. J’aime aussi le fait que tu as réussi à obtenir beaucoup de finesse, de fragilité et de légèreté. Très beau.

Merci beaucoup !!