Flip normals to correct Zsphere object.

Understanding that each user hopes to find particular features in Zbrush,

I cannot but ask if one could compose a script, that might be applied to edit Zsphere combination (model, tool)by showing the 3D (skinned Zsphere) simultaneously (in real time) in a separate window?


I mean to say, that really, but pressing “A” it is there, in the same window, transforming the Zsphers into the skinned object for a while (3D tool). Again, the keyboard letter “A” and I have my Zsphere construction back.

Only in my work I need also, as a rule, a so named Flip normals function,

Located in TOOLS-Display properties Menu.

(I need to analyze the inner mesh, which I manage to build turning the Zspheres inside the outer block of my composition. There are some ways to control the interaction of the inner and outer Zsphere balls by looking from outside, but FLIP is the best for me).

After turning Zsphere into 3D by “A” the resulting tool can be deformed to some extent, but it resists FLIPing. Flip is what I want to operate processing (editing) Zspheres !

Since I have written the script to involve FLIP by Shift+F, I would very much like this function without Adaptive skinning of the Zshere formation, which is lengthy: afterwards, if the inner organization does not suit me, I have to reinstall the spheres and again.

There are two windows, which show the relation of the 3D object to the Zplane

One is in the DRAW, the other is in the TOOLS-Preview.

It would be great if one could show the Skined Zbrush tool at the same time in one.

Or if I could Flip the Previewed Skinned Zsphere System, then unFLIP it, then

Return to the Zsphere block and what not.

A beginner, I cannot know if such script could be written.

Now, can you suggest a way?

Below see animation of the mesh, produced in Zbrush, where the uterine cavity is also

Built by Zspheres. Only, to reflect the inner part (cavity) by FLIPPING, to correct mistakes, I had to save the skinned object as *.OBJ file to open it many times with “3D Exploration” software.




The way zbrush operates internally cannot be changed through a zscript. Zscripts use the same zbrush functions a user would use.

You can make a zscript that does things Zbrush cannot do but generally you cannot change the way zbrush operates.

So I am afraid the answer to your question is no.

However you can write a zscript that generates an adaptive skin, flips the normals and displays it when you press ‘a’. When you press ‘a’ again it would select your zsphere tool and display that. The problem here is that an adaptive skin must be generated each time and so memory usage will rapidly increase. If that does not bother you I am sure somebody here can help with such a script, if you are not able to yourself.