Fishermen Do It In Nets

Boozy did it in Zbrush and Keyshot

Best Wishes,
Ol’ Boozy.


Net full! :slight_smile:

Hey, it looks like we are on the same boat^^ … same thematic ! ahah great artwork dude :wink:

A wonderful piece :clap:

It’s obvious in retrospect that of course fishermen wear fishnet stockings. :+1:

I think in between his legs, the fisherman is wearing a codpiece! Great work!

Monsieur Pilous - thank you and such a liberating way to fish n’est-ce pas? :slight_smile:
Mickael - The synchronicity brought a smile to my face and thank you.
Jaime - thank you most kindly. Having the poly painting features broaden out in ZBrush 2020 have made it such a delight to play with.
Spyndel - when the drive belt on the pumps snap during a gale, they come in handy. Thank you.
sclptrjoel - ’t’is true :slight_smile: and thank you and hope all is going well with you ZBrush explorations

My next posts will be more kick back experimental yet mirthful.
Best wishes,
Aqua Boozy

A man unafraid to explore his joie du Poisson :wink:
This piece is not only hilariously unique, but truly beautiful … mesmerized by that glassy water.

Thank you Mc :peach: y :grinning: