First ZBrush attempt

never really did any 3D work of any kind so getting this program and learning it took a week or so and its just a concept for now, crits and comments are greatly apreciated!!:smiley:

Hey Steven, Cool first work! My suggestion would be to make the eyes different colors than the skin so they can pop up :wink:
Oh, and just a little tip… you can export the document as a PhotoShop document so your cursor doesn’t appear in the image :wink:

Keep them coming :+1:

Thanks, yeah ill consider the eye thing!:smiley: and the exporting will help a ton too. as i said i just got itnto this so any tips are great. anyone know how to group objects? i need to move and scale the head eyes and theeth at the same time so i can ad the body as well. more to come soon! :cool:

Great dude!! keep up the work… new to zbrush myself spent about 300+ on Gnomon vids to learn it… Sometimes it can be a prob!!!

Hey man, cool work.
The Material you used really makes your details pop, and that really great.
In terms ‘grouping’ objects, you if your eyes are separate subtools then you can append them by going to the the subtools menu and clicking the one eye, click append, then the other eye from the list of polymeshes that pops up. then they will be the same subtool. (you can keep going as well, until the whole head is one subtool.)
Ps its still easy to move one eye at a time as well after theyre the same subtool, just mask off one eye completely then move the other :slight_smile:

good luck. and keep em coming!