first ZB model: Troll [maya>ZB]

hi alll. im new here. ZB is such a great tool. ive been playing with it this entire last week,
here is my first char in it, base mesh done in maya. hi rez will be used for disp map of course for rendering and rigging on loRez char
its still low poly considering ZB standards. about 200k at the moment. i will continue and try to finish it this week with textures and finer details.
C&C welcome




DAMN MAN!! that looks NICE!! hope to do some work like that myself one day!

Looks so good, you must post more :smiley:


…swimming suit ! :smiley:

Very cool looking model. My only crit is that he seems too short. He’s only about 5 and half heads tall. It might help to makes his legs longer.

ive made the legs longer now. but the idea is for him to be top heaavy, and be slow almost.
aanotomy is obviously not accurate, just making this as i go along. and learning this great tool.:+1:

why does my welcome screen always pops up?
even when i disable in the prefs,
next start up its there?
also my brush has a “square-pixelated-look” when i am close on my mesh. is that normal?

Regarding your question about the welcome screen, be sure to press the ‘Store Config’ button [Preferences -> Config -> Store Config] after toggling the ‘SkipWelcomeScreen’ button off. That way, it will remember your settings the next time you launch Zbrush.

Nice model :+1:

hi guys,
as i want to datail my mesh in PM,
when i pick up, nothing barely gets picked up,

–is my mesh not high enough? 150 mil atm. although its a full character. that is not much as i want to add even finer details in hands etc,
is there a way to increase geometry in specific areas?

-- see this small movie showing not even my bump getting picked up properly [http://cgsculptor.com/zb.avi](http://cgsculptor.com/zb.avi)

edit: this shows more clearly my prob http://cgsculptor.com/prob.avi

bump… any know what this problem is… plz

hi Vlad,

I wanted to help you out but I seem to have problems getting your links to work. I will admit I have been having isp problems so it could just be that but …

if you could…double check your links just in case so that maybe someone else could help you if it is that and not my isp problems.

hi vladimir_

your mesh has to few polygons to project your bumps as you wish. you should go into next subdivision (IMO 800k-1M polys) to be able to project details like veins etc.

you can also try to smooth bumps after picking it up on relatively low-poly mesh (with smooth brush (shift+standard brush) but it won’t be exactly what you may want.

2 your second question: you can change mesh density on different areas by masking it (this protect area from changes), then you should invert mask to “unlock” desired area and then just divide as usually.