First Z


Thought I would share my first effort.

I was asked about doing some digital concept art, specifically in ZBrush.

Spent four days learning the software and kicking this out. I started with a Lightwave base mesh, and then wasted about a day trying to get my Lightwave displacement to look like what I had done in ZBrush.

I wish it was easier to get exactly what is in ZBrush to appear once you’ve exported to another package.

I wound up doing a hybrid render, and comping it together in Photoshop. The glints in the eyes are also Photoshop, because I wasn’t getting the right control from the Zlights. Although I have to say ZBrush’s renderer has some really nice qualities.
Didn’t get the gig, but whoever did is probably on this forum. If you’re out there, and you recognize what I was going for, I’d love to know who got it. (As long as you’re not violating your NDA)

P.S. And great work guys! I never fail to be impressed by just about everything I see here


Love his smile, don’t really know what he’s up to :slight_smile:
The texture of the face looks a bit washed out I think, is that because of rendering in Lightwave?
And the eyes are great, how did you go about creating them, if you don’t mind me asking?

Hi andycce, Great first effort, quite a smile on that guy, seems a pleasant sort of whatever he is.:+1: 50.

Wow thsi is a really great first model. Amazing :slight_smile:


So nice man!, i love it, but i think, how about a more bushy eyebrows and litle more of light in the face?
anyways , so funny character dude.