First timer 3D sculpting. Comments more then welcome

Hi everyone,

I’m completely new to 3D modeling and have just started to work with Zbrush. My eyebrows frowned upon reading about these alien terms like ‘polygons’ and ‘subdividing’ … but I really wanted to give it a shot. I,ve managed to get the basics down for the sculpting and tried to do a Sphynx cat. Any comments more then welcome :slight_smile:





Great work man! Loving the sphinx!! :+1:


Really beautiful work, how long time did it take? And how much cat anatomy did you know before doing the project? Looks good enough to be alive :slight_smile:

I didnt keep track of how many hours i spend on it. I was struggling too much getting to know the UI so progress was slow since this was more of an exercise to get to know it. I don’t know any cat anatomy, i just studied a lot of cat pictures from different angles on the go when i was sculpting. Happy you all like it :slight_smile:

Nice work Mieke, good to see you here! Keep it up!

i like the anatomy :slight_smile: nice work!

Thx! Happy to be here and see all the other great artwork. Surely enough on here to get inspired by and continue my learning process.

looking really good,love the prints as well,very clean.Say Hello to Marco :smiley: