First time trying a 3D program!! :-)

Hi Guys

First post here, allthough I check this forum everyday, and love all the super cool stuff posted here.

This is my first sculpt ever in any 3D program.

I got to try out Sculptris a few months back at my job, and instantly got hooked, went straight home and bought Zbrush, and just started watching tutorials, learning and sculpting, and this is the character that came out of that.

Heavily inspired by the stylized WOW, LOL and Darksiders art.

Hope you like it.

100% Zbrush render, since I can’t afford Photoshop!

Feedback and critique’s welcome. (But be gentle)



Hi Guys

As requested, here is a breakdown of how crappy this character started, and I hope it shows how I just kept sculpting away, and as the months went by and I got better, I simply went back and either redid or just fixed parts.

It starts of with the first picture I could find of the figure, and I hope it shows that anyone that had worked with 3D before or even had a little understanding of Zbrush, wouldn’t start out with a basemesh this ugly and with this many points.

Hope that this can be of help for someone else starting out with this great program.









Wow nice work really i really like how you made all of it , stunning piece. I like Darksiders 2 it’s awesome . keep it up :+1:

I dont believe you at all. there are thousands of people who make their first 3d models, and they look just as they have to, because people got no proper experience. this is your 5-15 model or so. but if you like to cheat, you are welcome. :td:

have a nice day.

@ TomatoVFX Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

@ Uber Nope, this is my first, been working on this thing since the beginning of the year when I got Zbrush and a wacom tablet. I just kept reworking this thing over and over until it looked like I wanted it to. But thanks, since your comment is actually a compliment I guess? But I just don’t know why you would think I would lie about something like that?

Johnnyhaven, I think Uber is pointing out that your “first ever sculpt in any 3D program” is better than other first attempts posted here, and looks as polished as some of the advanced members. While I agree with the sentiment, you also say that you’ve been working this figure from the beginning of the year and this is your first “sculpt.”

So just to clarify:

Have you worked with any other 3D programs? (You say this figure is your first sculpt, but have you done any conventional modeling of characters before? Box modeling, extrusion-based or otherwise?)

Can we see some screenshots of this figure from the beginning? (Not always possible, as most folks don’t capture screenshots as they work unless they’re planning on doing a tutorial)

Regardless, it’s a very nice figure and well-detailed. I’d love to see a breakdown, if you can post one.

Edit: I think I found a reason for Uber’s skepticism: User Spearhafoc posted some of his images to the forum and says he’s a total newbie to Zbrush and digital sculpting as well. His gallery can be found here: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/zbc-user-gallery.php?uid=363127

amazing work! It is hard to image that is your first sculpture work. i have a question,why you don’t use priatic software(photoshop)? Because my zbrush and so on is priate.

I think you got the hang of it. Great job!

Doesn’t matter if it’s the first or the 100th sculpt. Everyone using ZBrush is a noob.

I’ve been using ZBrush since 2006. I’ve used it for some projects; even got paid. I know I’m still a noob.

There are no ZBrush masters, it’s too recent. People have created AMAZING works with it. Joeseph Drust and Joe Menna ARE experienced and masterful sculptors. However, they’re just scratching the surface of ZBrush’s possibilities. The tool hasn’t been around long enough to get close to mastery.

With that said, Kudos! Well done! Welcome! Do more! Thanks for sharing!:D:D:D:D:D:D


@ TheArtMonkey Sure, I took screenshots through the whole process, i will post some when I get them organized.

And no, I never used any kind of 3D program (Anything with geometry or vertices or what they’re called) before, except Sculptris that I used for 1 day at work and just moved straight on to Zbrush, and started working on this dude.

I’ve never done any of the things you list, but I have been drawing on paper my whole life, and I used to do illustrations for heavy metal shirts and album covers in photoshop and illustrator, but that’s a few years ago, and the discovery of this program was really what sparked my desire for drawing again. (I call it drawing, but I guess it’s sculpting)

I really only wanted to post my first sculpt here and was looking forward talk about art and 3D stuff and finally have some art to post on the forum I have been following for quite some time now, and continue to learn more about this amazing 3D world.

I was just happy to finally be finished with what I now know was a way to complicated thing for a first sculpt (I don’t think I’ve ever worked on anything this long before), but it was just too much fun, to finally be able to draw something that looked like it could have a place in the games I play.

Thanks for the other positive comments guys, it means a lot to me!


guys just some words from me

does it really matter if he lies

or its his first time

or he is experienced or not

his design speaks all so i feel the design that should matter and nothing else

as i always say keep the zbrushing up always and keep em comin

respect and love to all you guys

I don’t really care if it’s your first sculpt or not. It’s really good work either way. Quality stuff. Though I really think you should do something different then just a plain white background. Does not do the sculpt justice at all.

Looking forward to seeing more from you :+1:

Man, first-ever sculpt?! Mindblowing. You should’ve seen my first sculpt, a blobby ogre. And to think I was so proud of it. :rolleyes:

Anyway, about the only crit I have is that while individual elements are all awesome, the whole doesn’t read very well - it’s a jumble of equally-sized, equally-detailed elements. There’s no place for the eye to rest. Other than that, fantastic!

I don’t care if this is your first or not,it’s definitely Great Piece of Work.just love it.thank you for sharing & Welcome to ZBC my friend.:+1::wink:

beautiful piece. i really enjoy the style

Looking forward for your 2nd and 3rd time using a 3D program :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

I’m surprised his head isn’t bigger…in the first time 3D sculpt. :slight_smile:

WOW, this is absolutely stunning … the amount of detail blows my mind! Your first time with ZBrush? --> TOP ROW stuff!

really nice work mate.! looks great… keen to see the next few models you make. :slight_smile:
Ignore the naysayers, and honestly who cares… your art is great. so keep at it.

Killer work man! :smiley: looks freakin sweet!!

I think that part of the misunderstanding is that, generally someone’s first post is created with minimal understanding of the interface and workflow within Zbrush. The outcome is quite generic until people get the hang of it. You seem to have quite an advanced understanding of how things work and a keen artistic eye. Excellent first work!!!