First Time Posting!!

Hello everyone, so my roommate convinced me to start posting my sculpts and I’d love to get into the habit of doing it more frequently. I don’t really know how to describe him except that he’s a creepy little dude. I imagine he likes dark spaces and only strikes up conversations with other entities in dimly lit rooms. I just started getting into tertiary forms and working with alphas and details, so this is currently my most finished looking sculpt. He’s just the bust. He’s also gone through a couple render passes in Photoshop, but otherwise he’s pretty much just a Zbrush baby. I’d love to hear any feedback, constructive criticism or otherwise!






Hi, it’s okay to be one of your first models, maybe the forehead is a bit flat and the upper lip looks a bit strange, it would be great to see the full character not just the head and shoulders.

Keep modeling it’s the only way to improve your skills. :+1: