First post

Hi all,

I’ve been a traditional sculptor for a while. Here’s my first attempt with zbrush.

Hope you like it. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.







I love it. Did you make all the parts in Zbrush or did you make base meshes in some other program first?

What a great character! I love it too. :slight_smile:


fantastic! what a happy lil guy!

great sculpt!!!

Alex Oliver

looks really great, i love this one a lot :+1:

I love it. I am guessing it is a little tooth fairy, maybe. He looks like he is examining a tooth and with the necklace and all. Very well done. Only critique (and it is so trivial) is that the bag may need to be knocked up one more subdivision level to smooth out those poly’s a bit more. Great job! Keep it up!:+1:

great man!:+1:

Awesome model!

you should really see this character through. it’s really just warming to view. nice job again. :+1:

Wow!i think it’s realy funny!i love it too!

Nice Leprechaun :+1:

Nice job. It reminds me of something from Brian Froud’s “Faeries”.

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great stuff…great change of pace…hope to see some more magic from ya…Z on!!

Great modelling! I’ve seen a lot of your real bronzes in the UK gardening magazines (love the recent one ‘Comfort Food’_ do show an image of it here if you can_people would, I’m sure, be interested)

Do you hope to use z brush in your conventional sculpture workflow? You’ve certainly picked up all the neccessary skills with the programme!

Great to see you here too!

I made the parts in Maya then sculpted them in zbrush. I also did some of the modelling in mudbox

Well it looks like you’re going to be as good digitally as you are with the clay!
Any chance of showing us the unposed model or what you started with?

How long have you been Zbrushing? Are you going to give up the clay and have these carved or printed,clean them up and then go to the foundry?
what are your feelings about digital sculpting.

For anyone who doesnt know Davids work - great fun !-

Great sculpt!
Just checked out your site, amazing :grimacing:

Yeah great funny dudes on site :+1:

looks bloody awesome! )

Is there any chance to reproduce that 3d sculpture into real bronze, what do you think?