First Post [WIP] Elephant Project

Alright, third time to try to post this must be the charm! :mad:
My posts before this one (yes, I know I said first, but it was mainly for this section, and also the others were asking for help and advice… not that I won’t ask for advice here… you know, I’ll just let you get back to the original sentence) were pretty much dealing with specific issues I was having with this project, whether it was trying to clear a layer or how to mirror and weld objects properly.
I’ve been working on this creature modeling project for a few minutes/hours a day over the span of a few months. All together, I’d say that I’d worked 40 hours on it (maybe) and I like where it’s going. I wanted to post here to show both where I’m currently at and the progress, both where I was and how I got here, but also where it will be going.
Here’s what I have so far:

How does it look? How does the anatomy look? Is the head too big? What would you do to change it? I know the backs of the ears look funny, I would very much like some advice on how to fix them properly.
I would love to hear back from anyone who has critiques or comments. And I will have more to come




Here’s the movement from concept to where I am currently. There are a lot of in-between shots that have not been shown, but you’ll get the idea:

I started the concept as part of a monthly project for a battering ram. Even after the deadline passed, I wanted to continue working on this project.

As you can see, I started with an elephant shaped blob and then re-worked the anatomy. It was a bit backwards, but the project started as an exerciser to get to know Zbrush. I think it’s come a long way from where it started.

hi elephantine, nice model and detail keep going guys, im a new member too!!! nice to meet you:+1:

Hey! Thanks for the comment! It’s good to meet you as well. :+1: Do you have any work of your own that has been posted? :smiley:

hi elephantine. Could u guide me to create a thread to post my work??? thanks u so much :slight_smile: This is my first work, all C&C are welcome :+1:



I would recommend going to ZBrush Main Forum (which this forum is posted on) and just say, hey, new to the forum, here’s my current work and let it go. I can only say, follow the rules and have fun.

Also, awesome gladiator btw, that’s a great character. Are you going to do anything more with it, or rather is it part of a larger project?

Welcome to ZbrushCentral:)
Nice start on here, I like the front view!
I would recommend on checking the silhouette and the forms, shapes a bit more! Because the side view looks a little off and clumby!
There are some great references on images.google.com to check out man, definently worth to look!
Looking forward to your process and definetnly have fun sculpting , zbrushcentral is a great community and will check out your stuff for sure!

  • Kenny:)

Hey! Thanks for the advice! I’ll certainly work on that. I’m not sure what you meant by Clumby, but I’m guessing either clumpy or chubby? Also, I’ve been looking up several images for Elephant anatomy and I was wondering if you have any in particular that would pinpoint what you had in mind that I need to change?

I looked over your images and the all look pretty awesome! I was wondering if you have any recommendations on learning material for Zbrush? :slight_smile:

hi , this is my practice sculpt head and fun with fiber mesh :slight_smile: hope u like it. All C&C are welcome :+1:



Hey, sorry I’ve been away for a while. Nice bust sculpt. Keep it up! Let me know when it’s done