First post here two new works

Hello there, I am completely new to the whole forum thing but have stumbled onto this site again and again, I am taken back with the amount of amazing talent here, some incredible artists, I hope to learn from in the future.

As you probably guessed from the title I am a total beginner coming into the world of 3D zbrush so please don’t be too harsh haha, I am used to mainly making busts for now starting out small and compositing them into Photoshop for my own amusement.

These may not be up to the standard people are a custom to seeing but I would very much appreciate it to get some feedback and later maybe move into the bigger programs like maya, 3Ds max, etc for my renders but for now take a look at these two images I managed to do this week.

I hope you enjoy and thank you very much for looking.

I do have a pretty cool Joker from Batman to post but for some reason it will not let me upload it…


Alien Comp.jpg