First major personal project - Year of the pig

Hello to the community of ZBrushCentral!

Today, I wanted to show off my first (most) serious project that I’ve ever been working on.

It is a pig based on my own art/illustration and funny is when I got this idea I thought that actually, it might be good to turn the character into something that was new to me, like a challenging 3D model.

This model took me 5 to 6 weeks to finish, without rendering the scene.
The render itself was difficult to set as it was my first time in Blender.

So here we go, let me know what do you think.

Final render + overall composition (photoshop magic)

Wireframe + Base colour

UV maps + Textures (character only)

Reference artwork:

Sketchfab version - https://skfb.ly/6LzpL

I have ever used Maya only once or twice before to ACTUALLY do something, as far as I can remember Blender always seemed to be too overwhelming for me. I was a complete stranger to things like retopologizing or UV unwrapping - it was just a sort of wizardry to me.

I am by no means an expert in modeling (nor sculpting :rofl:) and that’s why I would love to hear your feedback. About the model itself, texturing or composition, you name it.

Thank you for taking your time

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Was ZBrush used in this? You only mention Maya and Blender.

Yes, the base was sculpted in ZBrush from low to high poly. Next it was exported to Maya for retopology