First 3D Model... Critique please

Here is my head with skin shader from Antropus… well his modified version… i need to add eyeballs and some pinkness of the lips

[skin detail.jpg]

Cool, looks almost waxy. Sorta like Ash from Alien, after the crew had a good whack at him and a little torching for good measure. :wink:

Looks good! Hard to tell from this close-up, but you appear to have avoided most (all?) of the obvious newb errors! The eyes, maybe, are a little too proud, but that might be the viewing angle, or the lack of cheek definition. Just guessing here, but maybe you realised that which is why you made the brow ridges more pronounced?

Save the model and spend 10 minutes gently smoothing out some of the surface pitting on a copy … see if you like that better.

ok will do and thank you all for ur input

critique from anyone else?

:rolleyes: Add more wrinkels to the face in projection map. Look’s good;)

I think that the mouth is too much dented. Normally small very fine cracks are present on the place of these bumps. There is appearance of wrinkles almost everywhere. It would be necessary to place them in the real direction. The direction where the skin wrinkles because of the expressions of the face.
Otherwise, it is the good base, that with some more of work will very be Convincing. Good luck. :wink:

Although this project was due today, and well what i posted yesterday was the final for that day, im going to modify it, i know i need to work on the wrinkles and bump map it, and add color to the lips and refine the eye area a lot, there is more work to be done and i will be completing it even if the project was allready due =)… any other suggestions from anyone else?