first 3D babe

Hi all;

This is the first complete 3D babe of my design.
I am kinda new to Zbrush, this is was an opportunity for me to experiment with it.

Used softwares:
Maya: modeling and posing
Zbrush: sculpting, texturing and render.
Photoshop for post-editing

Hair is done using FiberMesh and the eyes are painted. The upper part of the sculpture is a little more detailed since it’s the showing part.
Tried to imitate Kristen Stewart pose for the cover of V magazine, Spring 2013 issue.

Hope you like her.

-Final results-

-Sculptures snapshots-








Wow. thats really excellent for a first babe! She definitely looks like a babe :slight_smile:
How long did this take you? What kind of tutorials (if any) did you follow?
You are exactly where I wish I was sculpting wise! xD

Quite like the final render! Very nice first complete 3d babe :smiley:

Excellent job
she is Hot :wink:

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

It certainly took me long time to make her. I tried texturing/rendering her in Maya Mental Ray but realistic skin shading there was a maddening experience probably because of my wrong approach, so I decided to give texturing in Zbrush a shot. I took a lot of breaks, every break was like a year because she was supposed to match the blurry image in my head not an existing person. I didn’t want her to look like anyone (except me haha), but now in the final result she does has a glimpse of Natalie Portman or Nicole Kidman :frowning:

I don’t have the patience to follow tutorials so didn’t watch any. But there was someone who helped me A LOT in Zbrush, his name is Rami Ramahi and here’s one of his artworks on ZBrushCentral

Rami you’re the best :+1:

Thank you, sir :stuck_out_tongue: