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Here is the next series following the Four Horsemen and the Archangels, which started the Neo-Apocalypse universe : The Elementalists. Sentinels of the natural realm, these androids attuned with nature use elements and beasts to ensure the planet’s preservation.

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As new life rises from the ashes,
I give my most passionate apology,
For birth is indeed the beginning of need
And the inevitable denial of one’s own innate desires.

Creative Direction, Design & 3D modeling by Marco Plouffe (Keos Masons)…

Art Direction (Graphics & Artworks) & Branding by Stéphane Faure (Beesub)
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Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/beesub
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TM & © 2022 Keos Masons


Outstanding piece Marco! Love the transition from skin to burned skin detailing to mechanical incorporated elements, fiber legs :star_struck: It reads extremely well. A beautiful Christmas present :wink: Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Jaime! :smiley: I appreciate that!

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The tight Waist belt makes the mood even tighter, especially as with lava strike. Great dynamic sculpt :slight_smile: Congrat.

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Look amazing and inspiring :pray:

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Thanks everyone!!

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Very nice! Thanks


Brutal looking Character! Nice work!

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Thank you so much :smiley:

absolutely fantastic! I loved it so much!

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Thanks :smiley:

Those are so FREAKING BADASS DUDE, you just somehow outdo yourself every single time. I’m gonna start saving up for all 4 of them :smiley:

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great piece. Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks guys!

:blue_heart::sparkles: Impressive!
Thanks for the inspiration! :yellow_heart:

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Thanks for the kind words!