fire demon


would like to share this balrog-inspired creature to the community.
my co-employee needed a creature to put on some of his particle smoke
and flames effects, this is the result. modeling, texturing and rendering passes are done in
zbrush. although the fire and smoke on the beauty shot i did
are all pics that were composited in photoshop, there’s an animated version of this
using simulated particles that were generated in 3dsmax.
CnC are most welcome.


fire demon.jpg

fire demon_mesh.jpg

very nice I can see you put alot of effort into this i like the lava driping out of his mouth that was a cool addon:+1:

tnx, glad u liked it!

tnx ajj1!

here’s a new look at my model using this app from p3d.in that was suggested by a fellow member…

<iframe src=“http://p3d.in/e/et0mw” frameborder=“0” allowtransparency=“true” width=“100%” height=“400px”></iframe>