Finalize my model

Hi all

I have made the head of a submarine humanoid species. At this stage I am really confused about how to proceed, so I thought I’d challenge you guys and ladies to bring in some nice detail, and create a texture and material for my model. There are no limits to what you may do, as long as the choices you make are logical for a submarine creature, and the basic shape of my model doesn’t drastically change. You may add scars and barnacles if you like, and you may even change the size and shape of the fins. The rest of the head should retain it’s overall shape however.

I would appreciate it if you would record a Zscript of your work, so I can view the proces and learn something from it. But if you can’t or don’t want to, that’s alright.

I will eventually anounce a winner, but there are no prices to win, I’m afraid. So, good luck and surprise me!

Here’s the link to my Ztool: http://www.mytempdir.com/1186609

And here’s a sample of my model:

[Marine Species WIP.jpg]

great idea
looking forward to see someones work

I figured out how to use stencils and here is the result. I think it’s ready to get textured. Is there anybody giving this a try at all? I’d realy like to see what the pros can make of this model.


I’m not sure if I’m violating the rules of this forum with this post, but it is not my intention to ask other members to produce something on my behalf. All I’m asking for is for someone to help me with the final stages of my model. I think the detailing is done now, so the help I’m asking for now is with texturing. I have no clue how to create a nice, realistic looking texture, so if someone would like to help me with that, I can send them my final Ztool. I just wish to learn, and thought that a challenge would be a good way.

Please, help. Thank you.

Hey man.

Not sure i can help you out right now. The only things i would say is that your character needs eyelids. You’ve also got the displacement very uniform. try think of what his been through in his life. you know…battles etc. also try add wrinkles and creases in to the character. in sort of the same flow of your model. i hope this helps. good job getting to know the stencil though :+1:

I followed your advice and I’m quite pleased with the result. Initially I didn’t give her any eyelids, because being a submarine species, she doesn’t need eyelids to keep her eyes wet. But after trying them out I decided that she looks better with them. As you see I also added a big scar in front of her ear and an imperfection to her chin-tooth. You’re right, she’s more interesting like that. Thanks.

I could still use some help with texturing if anybody’s interested…


Hi, there, fellow newbie! Not posting for other purpose than to share my two cents on your character, so take it or leave it… :slight_smile: First of all: What’s a “chin-tooth” used for? Scratching the clavicle? Is there any creature in the animal kingdom that has anything similar? Not saying that there isn’t, but I just can’t think of any… And then the gills: It would probably be closer to fish anatomy, and thus look more logical, if they were placed on the neck instead of the cheeks. It also looks like you’ve rushed it a bit with the stenciling job, because the pattern doesn’t follow the shapes of the head in anyway. I hope you’re not offended by being “corrected” by another n00b, but, you know, freedom of speech, right?

I was going to download and try something for you but the link wanted a download est for 45mins,Ive broadband 2.3mb ps???Only 30mb’s should take max 4 mins!!
If you get a better server or want to email it please let me know,

Hi Displaced,

Concerning the chin-tooth, no, as far as I know there is no existing creature with something similar. But who knows, perhaps there has been. I’m not very familiar with prehistoric fauna. Anyway, I thought it would be a useful tool to open clams and the like.
Concerning the gills, I agree that they are not in the most logical place, that probably being behind the ears. I hadn’t given it any thought really, I just did what I liked.
I don’t really see what you mean with the pattern not following the shape of the head in any way… I used wrap mode for my stencil everywhere, and I made smaller scales around the eyes, the nose and the inside of the ears, while using larger ones in the neck and on the head. What exactly do you mean?

Don’t worry, no offence taken. I like to know what people think about my model, so feel free to speak your mind.

It looks good, I dig the overall concept. The scales look fine so far as I can tell, the only area where they look slightly out of place is on the ears. Have you considered making the ears more of a fin-like material? Thinner, veiny maybe?

Hi Testure,

I agree that the scales look slightly out of place on the ears. I suppose that they could be made more fin-like, although that is not really what I had in mind. I’ll consider it, but I don’t expect to change it. Although, come to think of it, it’s actually odd for a submarine species to have such big and fleshy ears as this one currently has… On the other hand I don’t want to have too many fins on one head, and I really like the fins on the jaw. Let’s see…

Yeah, most aquatic creatures lack outer ears… you could draw some inspiration from this guy:

These might give you some ideas for the ears and the texture. One of my favorite old movie monsters. :+1:
You should go to the Pixologic site and download the learning materials there. There are some great tut’s for texturing. I just downloaded and the speed was fast. I was not aware of that hosting site.



Downloading now,spped seems to be ok.Please Ignore my lest reply!#



Sorry for my late reply. No I didn’t explain myself very weel, I guess. I’m talking about the flow of the pattern; the way it “moves” across the surface. … and that is often connected to the shape of the underlying structure in one way or another.

If you look at the picture of the komodo dragon below, you might get an idea of what I mean, especially on the lips. …

Now you haven’t got much flow to the scale pattern; it’s quite rigid, especially across the cheek, gills and cheekbone. I think it would benefit your model to let the texture describe the structure a bit more, which you’ve actually accomplished quite nicely in the mouth area.

Right, I see what you mean… And I agree with you. I hope I can still change it. It’s gonna be a hell of a job to smooth out the current texture…

Just jump down a subdiv or two, and smoothing is a breeze… :slight_smile:

I have reduced the ears. I tried different styles, including no ears at all (just holes in a bump in the skull) and axolotl gills with earholes in front of them. Both looked odd, and the axolotl gills turned out to be way to difficult for me to achieve. So I’ve decided for the ears you see in my image.
I tried smoothing out the current scales, but every time I smooth it out in a low subdiv level, and I go up a level, the scaling comes back. I keep going back and forth between levels, and it is horribly tiring, so I’m gonna leave the scaling as it is.