Final Submission Guidelines

Congratulations to everyone who has been participating in the Scared Silly contest! It has been a genuine pleasure watching all of you over the last several weeks. There is some truly amazing artwork being shown.

With the contest deadline being this Friday (just four days away), it’s time for us to provide instructions for delivery of your finished artwork. All entries should be in JPG format.

:small_orange_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_orange_diamond: If your final image is under 200 KB in size, you can upload it directly to ZBrushCentral.

:small_orange_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_orange_diamond: If your final image is over 200 KB in size, you should upload a smaller version to ZBC. You will also need to provide the larger version to us so that we can upload it to our servers and provide a link in your post. The image should be named “SSFinal_YourName.jpg”. (For example, SSFinal_MatthewYetter.jpg)

:small_orange_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_orange_diamond: You are also welcome to provide your own thumbnail for the image. This thumbnail is the first thing people will see on the voting page. If you wish to create your own thumbnail, it should be named “SSThumb_YourName.jpg”. (For example, SSThumb_MatthewYetter.jpg) The thumbnail must be exactly 80x56 pixels in size. If you do not supply a thumbnail, we will create one for you.

To submit your final (over 200 KB) image and/or thumbnail image, create a single zip file with the image(s). This file should be named “YourName.zip”. (For example, MatthewYetter.zip) You will then need to deliver the zip file to us. This file must be less than 2 MB in size. It should be sent as an email attachment to matthew@pixologic.com. The email’s subject should be “Scared Silly Entry by Your Name”. (For example, Scared Silly Entry by Matthew Yetter) When we receive the email, we will reply with a confirmation to let you know that it has been received.

:warning: Please keep in mind that the contest deadline is 11:59 pm (Pacific Time) on Friday, November 2, 2007. At that time, the contest forum will be closed to prevent any post-deadline modification of the entries. No emailed entries will be accepted after that time, either.

Judging will begin on Monday, November 5. Good luck to you all!

Good luck in the final days everyone! :D:+1:

Yeah I second that!
Good luck all! It’s been fun!

Hey Dustbin1_UK!
final lap! lol!
Keep on Z-ing!

Yeah I second that!
Good luck all! It’s been fun!


Yeah really enjoyed this, need to catch up on sleep now though.

Well done everyone

Pete B

Yupp… :+1:

Aurick can we submit a piece and then re-submit as long at it’s before the deadline. I’m just thinking along the lines of playing it safe. I know if I keep adding stuff and then go to render on Friday something will probably go wrong and I’ll miss the deadline. I’d much rather be able to submit a piece that I think is pretty much done but I know there’s a few bits I could add and then re-submit on the Friday knowing that if it goes pear shape you still have my near finished piece, would that be ok?

Pete B

Do we post the final image (and thumbnail) in our Wip thread?
or email it, or both.

If the final image is under 200KB in size, just post it in your thread. If your render is over 200KB in size, post an under 200 version in your thread and email the full size to us.

If you create your own thumbnail, email that to us. It can be sent by itself, or included with the full size image (if applicable).

As long as the resubmission is before the deadline, yes. We would prefer only one submission, but I do understand your reasoning.

Thankyou! Hopefully I’ll just have the one submission but that’s really good to know.

Many thanks

Pete B

thanks for the clarifications!

Just to confirm, thumbnails are 80 x 56.

Seems a little small as the top row icons and post thumbs are 100 x 76. I’m not too worried just wanted to be sure. :wink:

Will the thumbs link to the smaller, under 200kb file we post in our thread first, with the option of viewing full size? Just wondering how the presentation will be.

i uploaded full version to zbc with name SSFinal_YuriVachutinsky.jpg (the last image i postet in my thret). It’s ok?