Final Squidlien - For Now !

Hi folks !
I didnt finish it , it finished me. Spent about three days on this dude now and im kinda tired of looking at him - I know when im beat (or bored). Feel free to crit - but i know theres loads of things i would tweak !
cheers- Si

Love it. Really succesuful concept as the excecution is. Dont know what to ctit actually.

Thanks man - Si

Simon my friend:
Amazing, I really love him, you are getting a amaginz skills on zbrush.
Your design skill are as good as always, I can remember the first time I sew you portfolio full of so cool aliens.
I love everything on him.
All the best, Arturo

HA… brilliant!
That smirk on his face while flashing his… aehhhh tentacles…
I like it a lot!

PS:Sorry… I forgot… do the male or the female of this species have the red side?

MMMMMMM. Tentacle lick’n good!

Ha-ha, the females have innys not outys and they’re purple ! ! !
Cheers -Si

BTW why dont you make the female as well?

I think it wouldn’t be different enough to warrant the time spent on it - I have other things to finish that would be better investments timewise.I appreciate your interest though, thanks man.

You mean I just licked a what? I’m gonna be sick…

Hi z people !
So here’s another WIP I have on the go ,this time it’s a wood/timber troll.
Any comments welcome but play nicely !!!

    TROLLS WIP.jpg

Well like a good FAN, I must to say I love it!!!

I really enjoy your design style. I have almost ready the ZIP with the info I told you.
Hope to send it tomorrow.

Al the best my friend,

Yes. Really well executed designs. Youve got the talent.

Are you gonna texture him?

the Squidlien is awesome man. i really like the final illustration looks you achieved here, would you mind to share your process to make a “render” like that one ? is it a paintover in photoshop on the zbrush model screengrab or did you actually polypaint it and then render it …

The wood/timber troll design is interesting, there is a little twist with a kinda gorilla head in it :slight_smile:

Arturo - Thanks dude, I look forward to it !
Vlad - Thanks for your comments, yes I’ll texture but first lots of refining to do.
Why is it that you only see all the faults the moment you’ve hit the upload key ! -Si

ncollings- Hey man ,thanks !
The process was basicly a combination of renders in zbrush using some weird abstract materials for patterning and several different base colour renders. I then comped them on top of each other in pshop and did a little rub through. Following this I employed a lot of hand painting and clean up using natural brushes and the clone tool. I don’t know much about renders outside of zbrush but I’m hoping to get XSI soon ,so I can start playing with the big boys toys !
thanks for commenting fella
p.s liking that abe !

ok i see , thanks for the inside :wink:

Will you be on set for pandor%@?

Nice work, I really like what you are doing with the troll. The jagged wood/horn like areas are really interesting, nice expression too. I am looking forward to seeing this evolve.

Hi folks !
Here is another wip I will probably forget to finish. I have a thing for ‘space monkeys’. I don’t particularly like the ears at the moment - not ‘alien’ enough and it’s a little too chimpy for my liking but give it time !
As usual c&c’s welcome.