Final Fantasy VIII - Zell Dincht

Hello everybody! This time I have used Zbrush 4R4 for this work. The new features really helped me a lot specially in difficult parts like the jacket zipper.

After a lot of work I completed this Zell Dincht - one of the main characters of Final fantasy VIII. Almost everything was done in Zbrush. So I rendered the scene and used the passes to compose this picture in Photoshop! Hope everyone likes it.

Please visist my deviantart page:

Zbrush viewport without texture

Zell almost ready to render






Great piece!

Thanks a lot Xenoo! Glad you like it!

That is insane. How long did that take you?

Awesome … Looks like Top Row to me! :smiley:


Thanks a lot for your comment David! I would be very happy to be in Top Row! Let’s pray!

Excellent work, i like. :wink:

I am thinking it’s a lock for Top Row if you post a wire or some other demonstration of how ZBrush contributed to your outstanding result. Excellent fiber and texturing. :+1:

Thanks a lot OriBengal! That took me like 2 months of hard work. It was really a great study to me! Thank you again for your comment!

Thanks a lot Philuxius! Really glad you like it!

Great advice! I’ll put it right now! Thanks a lot

Hey, this is very nice. I think your texturing, lighting, and rendering is top notch…certainly top row worthy in those categories. However, I do feel the anatomy of the sculpt could use some work. Some of the features lack anatomical accuracy IMO. I think a few more hours getting those perfect would be worth the effort to really perfect this. It is a fantastic piece nonetheless but that is my only criticism. Either way, great work!