Final Character for The Extra Mile Course

The cat is out of the bag!!!

Hey guys, I’m super excited to finally share this with you!!! This is a character I developed for a massive new course I just released: The Extra Mile - From ZBrush sculpture to polished illustration..

Here is one of the final renders from Marmoset 3:

Obviously one of the main tools in the course is the ZBrush workflow from idea, to blocking, sketch, polish… all the way to Geometry HD, posing and rendering. Here is a BPR render from the ‘presentation’ module:

and a couple more ZBrush snapshots:

The Extra Mile is the first course from my new website 3dConceptArtist.com and it’s my biggest project since the ZBrushGuides.com website. The course is a bit more specialized since I focus on helping artists to take their ideas from concept all the way to a polished illustration (if you want to know more, is all in the website - enrolment closes soon).

A few more renders from the process in keyshot:


I hope you guys like it!



From sculpt to final render (presentation) looks awesome Pablo! :star_struck:


Thanks so much Jaime! glad you like it

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