Filet bad fish


Hi guys, I’m sharing my latest project.
This little guy is not very happy that we come to bother him in the depths… I really had fun on the shapes and colors, I hope you will like it head

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That is a pretty cool deep see creature. Did you paint the texture in zbrush?
I really like the design, nice work mate. Did you sculpt everything in once piece? @antho_psk

Looking forward in seeing more from you Anthony.

Happy sculpting,
Kenny :slight_smile:

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Hi, @KC-Production

yes I did the textures on Zbrush, I used the mask by cavity, I love this tool, it allows me to get a little detail for the texture :slight_smile:

The fish is in several parts, the eyes, the body, the fins, the chin, the teeth and the mustache.
It’s a speed sculpt, I made it in two days, including rendering and compositing ^^ I wanted to have fun on colors and shapes :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your comment
happy sculpting to you too

Anthony :slight_smile:

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