i just finished a series of figures modeled in z-brush an than printed in white plastic.
I would be happy if you could give me some critique on them.
Thanks a lot,

jonas quidsinski







and these

and this one

I dont know much about 3d printing, so i cant comment on that. But as sculptures and espetially poses, they are really awesome

You should post some ZBrush screenshots, it is not very easy to evaluate the quality of the sculpt, only based on the 3D prints :slight_smile:

Well so far so good.

There are things that can aid the critiques and viewing; namely the presentation.
Post the screen shots or renders of zbrush models, because the SSS (the real SSS lol) of the prints is softening the shadows too much to really see whats going on past the silhouettes.

From what I can see atm though, the figures are really neat! I like the pose with cube series motif;
a nice analog towards live figure sculpting/drawing;
almost like a visual bridge of your appreciation for digital and classical.

If you were going for heroic, athletic, or Euro Western idealized figures (hence the statue like presentation) then it is shining through really well.
Would be really exciting to see the renders as well.