Fighting games characters Challenge!!

Hi guys
After the success of our last DBZ contest and all the requests for more we decided to launch a new contest!

The new Contest is Fighting games Characters

The goal will be to create a 3D character based on any fighting game. “Old School”, “New school”, we have a LOT to work with.
To judge this contest Kolby Jukes , Raf Grassetti, Herbert Lowis and BadKoala Rod .

How to participate:
Post all your work in progress images on the current work in progress folder. Make sure you submit your final image into the Final image Album.
(Lets keep it organized, new albums or images not related to the contest will be deleted)

Final image Requierement :
Full 3d character, posed, with colors (textures or polypaint) rendered inside Zbrush to make it easier, but if you want to render it in Maya, XSI, Max, Keyshot etc… you definitely can
Any pornographic/obscene contents will result in disqualification of the contestants
The challenge starts this Thursday July 4th and the final images will have to be posted in the Final Image Album by September 9th

The best 15 works will be displayed at an exposition at the “Trojan Horse was a Unicorn Festival” and the first five will receive prizes from the event.

More to be announced.
(We have some cool prizes being discussed at the moment. )

The objective of this contest is to keep the good art going and to inspire people. Please keep the jokes and spams to other groups.

Final entries will have to be posted on the Facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/153136344875405/

And off course you can share your work, wips and finals, here on ZBC

Fight On!!!



I’d like to enter, but I really don’t want to create a facebook account. Is there another way to join ?

I’m not sure you can join the group without being on FB
maybe you could create a “fake” page name just to use it to post?
You can also post your here in this Thread, but finals will have to be on FB

I’d like to enter, but I have the same problem too.
Alternatively I already have an account on my google +.

Hey guys! Here is the head of my version of Raiden, from Mortal Kombat:


Progress on my Ragna the bloodege Sculpt for the Contest. T-pose mesh almost ready for posing and detailing. Heavy C and C wanted as always.

ragna progress.jpgjacket.jpgeyes.jpgclothes.jpgturn.jpg

Cool!! Here’s my wip!


Hi EveryOne, here is my 2nd Wip of my version of Sheeva…
Basic Shapes and pose are somehow done…
now,…fixing anatomy and some issues, and then, details … cheers everyone.


Hy there !

This is one of my WIPs for MOTARO (Mortal Kombat series). Hope you guys like it.

Man … i´m just amazed with the quality of most of the the works for this contest !

ZBrush ScreenGrab10.jpg

My entry for 3d FAC Fighting Games.Dudley from street fighter.
Still in blocking stage.Trying to catch his likeness as much as possible in blocking stage.ZBrush default mesh (Nickz) used.
Concept I am using:

Going for Victor from Darkstalkers trying to keep the original character design but just taking it a bit more realistic

Hello guys!! Excellent models here!!
Here’s my wip

Shina the leopard(Marvel) from Bloody Roar WIP!

great work so far!

Here is a piece from Street fighter that I’m doing. I started it a few weeks ago and had to put it on halt. Got a blood clot and it affected my work. Long story short, blood thinners are working and I’m able to progress now. I posted my first WIP shot from a couple weeks ago and now my current. Still a lot to do with textures and color. What you guys think? WIP_01.jpgWIP_Face_01.jpg

Here is what I have been working on thus far.

Hello! I decided to do fulgore, so here are some concepts I did, really low res missing all tubing and detail. Struggling to do the feet (have not touched them at all lol). If you could give me some feedback I would really appreciate it!

More progress on Ragna.
A quick turn
and a dramatic for no reason shot.

Hi guys! A lot of good work going on.
Here is my WIP of Juri from Street Fighter. Comments and Critics are very welcome :slight_smile:

Lots of great entries so far. Here is a WIP of my version of Ickybod Clay. Lots of work left to go. Crits are welcome and appreciated! Thanks!