Fibre Brush refresher

Hi all,

I posted a couple of images the other day at the SILO forum and one of
them had a little ZB Hair applied. I was asked how we do it so I thought I’d
quickly write it down and then I thought, there may be ZB’ers who have
forgotten how, so here’s the info. (may need to move it to tutorials at some point)


ImageGet yourself a model that needs some hair.

I used Mr. Baldy the SILO man above.

ImageRender him out using BEST RENDER in the RENDER panel with whatever light/material/shadow settings you need for your scene.

ImageOnce the scene is rendered go to the LAYERS panel and hit the BAKE button.


ImageNow go over to the TOOL panel and locate the FIBER BRUSH from the popup menu


ImageNow to see how [color=sandybrown]NOT TO DO IT . Just draw a stroke across the head
without adjusting any settings. The result is a solid mass of dense hair that looks out of place.


ImageTo change the look of the FIBER brush hair there are a number things we
can do. First is to change the Material to FLAT.

ImageThen lower the RGB INTENSITY and the Z INTENSITY a little: experiment
to achieve the desired effect. Vary the DRAW size to lengthen the strands
as needed. Small DRAW size = short hair. All sorts of effects can be
achieved with just these three before we even start to edit the FIBER
BRUSH settings. If you are using a graphic tablet you will see that the
FIBRE brush is pressure sensitive, more pressure, more hair.


ImageNext, go to the TOOL PANEL and take a look at the settings in the
FIBER BRUSH panel. Most of these are self explanatory and if you hold
down CTRL whilst hovering over the item, ZBrush will tell you what it does


Armed with the above info you can set about spraying hair onto just about anyone or anything in ZBrush.




S o u t h e r n :slight_smile:



Is a great pleasure to see again your art¡ yes i saw i Silo your great model¡
Thanks for share this tutorial¡

great hair tut,good to see a southern post has it been awhile?

Thanks yet again Southern! This is exactly what I needed!!


Thanks for that cool HowTo! This model is great!:smiley:


That’s some good info there. Now I can use fibre brush for more things than just patches of grass. Yeah baby! Oh yeah, thank you lots Southern.


hope the following statement was not offensive. I was picking on my limitations, not the program’s.