Fibermesh Tutorial ringlet and curly hair


A few days ago I made a Making off of one model I´ve been working on, and some people are asking me about how I made the hairstyle and I decided to make a videotutorial about this, the project is a wip, if you see the Making off, the render at the final part is the result but is not the final render, I´m working on it yet.

Here the Making off, on this you can see the process of all the hairstyle on Zbrush using Fibermesh and how I import it to 3dsmax as guides, and how configure the Hair and Fur parameters, remember the final render is a wip.

And here the Videotutorial, step by step, is on Spanish, but I subtitled it to English (sorry if the traduction are not the best, English is not my first language) I hope you guys understand all.

Here is the render (same of the Making off) wip.

Hope you guys like it, more videotutorials coming soon.




I watch your Making Off Charlize Theron Hair part-1, under this video you promise to the few guis to explain the hair blend material in 3ds max which allows us to make strands with different colors and better reflections in other videotutorial coming soon. So could you please share tutorial for hair material or just show material ajustment via sreenshots? Me and other people would be very appreciate, it will help us a lot!

Very cool art work… :smiley:

Great technique!
Thank you for sharing!

please share tutorial for hair material. it will help us a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

You do unbelievable artwork. How much time do you have spent to create this artwork?