Fibermesh script for maya (slow but free)

So, here there is my attempt to write a script for maya:

Currently the main drawback in maya, is that every curve is a single item, so after a certain number the scene
becomes slower.
Anyway curves should be used as guides, not to be
rendered as they are. In the next release (maybe tonight) I will add a
control to generate only a certain percent amount of


  • copy the script in your script folder
  • in a shelf button, copy this code:

import fibermesh_to_curves as ftc

It’s not a plugin, so it’s slow, but hey, it’s free :wink:

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I just added the chance to specify a tolerance value.
This value must be in the range (0…1), where 1 means that all the fiber curves will be generated

So, if instead of writing:

import fibermesh_to_curves as ftc 

…you write:

import fibermesh_to_curves as ftc 

…then you will generate exactly half the curves.
Of course it should be written in a python shelf (not mel)

Next days i will write a mel interface, such that it will be easier to interact with this value :slight_smile:

I should also try to improve speed, and I have some ideas about it.

I’m going to try this script out in next few days. I’ll post some screen shots

So, I updated the script.
Be sure that the latest release you downloaded is V1.4 (open the script in a text editor and read the first row)

Some users discovered that the script didn’t work with goz (but it did with imported .obj)

Now it finally works with goz and is 50-70% faster.

To use it with a minimal gui, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the script in your scripts folder
  2. Copy this python code in a shelf button:

import fibermesh_to_curves as ftc 

I updated the script with a different “tolerance picking”.
Previously, I choosed fibers to be discarded according to zbrush creation order. This way, under some circumstances like a high number of curves to be created, caused the generation of bald areas.
Now I added the option to pick fibers randomly, instead of using a predefined pattern.

I left the option to choose the previous method (“ZB Creation Order”), as I suppose it should better work with a few amount of fibers (I could be wrong though), but it could be completely removed in the future, if a certain amount of users will report me it as useless.

The Random picking offers a seed field too, so you can try different results with the same amount of curves.

I also added another panel to delete tiny curves.

Hopefully Pixologic will come with automatic generation of curves in the next release. Anyway I will continue to give support to edit and create curves for hair and fur systems.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I recently learned from a YouTube video.

I want fibermesh_to_curves.py
Can I re-upload?
Thank you