Fiber mesh Noob Question - Help :(

Hi All! I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying sculpting at home!

anyways I have a noob question - I have a character that I’m sculpting in Zbrush that has some poly paint and a fiber mesh hair ( I’m just a noob and still learning - hence fibermesh hair :slight_smile: ) is there a way I can texture in substance painter and retain the fibermesh hair? and render in keyshot?

so pipeline would go like this - sculpt in zbrush (character w fibermesh hair) + then go to substance painter retaining the fibermesh info + then go to keyshot to render everything

is that even possible? if so I would love to see some tips and tricks from you guys :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance guys :slight_smile:

Hello @RocketPancake

You cannot export the geometry of the fibermesh subtool and then back in to ZBrush without breaking the live state of the fibermesh subtool (groom brushes will no longer work correctly on it). However, you can create UVs for it, create a texture from polypaint, then export the fibermesh as .obj and apply that texture to it in your external application, edit the texture as desired, then re-import and apply that edited texture to the live fibermesh subtool.

niiice thank you that would be a great help :slight_smile: