FIber mesh fun

Long time no post .Long time no play with ZB. I have been busy with other stuff but have been dying to play with all of the new features in ZB. I had a little free time yesterday afternoon and this afternoon and did this.
OK I know it is not finished or for that matter very good but I thought I would post my progress.I am hoping to get more time to play.Started out as a Dyna mesh ball couldn’t wait to get to the fibermesh so started putting hair on it before the sculpt was good. Boy I missed playing with ZBHarrybeastRB.jpg

wow, great !!! fur is very convincing, and expression wonderful.

Looks good! Keep working , maybe a pose ?

Ok I’m working on the sculpt some more starting to throw on some texture .I’m curious how the fibermesh will work on a heavily textured pieceHairlessbeast.jpg



Great start there on the ‘fibermeshing’ Rick :slight_smile: More especially, digging that finely sculpted texture on his nose - perfection!

Love that detailing around the mouth. Can’t wait to see it finished!

I would think you could make these guys in your sleep by now. Nice job so far. :+1:

I always enjoy your work.

Great to see you take the new features through their paces. I really look forward to seeing the updates on this piece.

So glad you’re taking the time to post these testings :sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:

All the best,


Ok couldn’t get as far as I wanted ran out of free time.
This obviously isn’t finished slapped on some texture and poly paint and hair didn’t finish the teeth.
Was anxious to get some fibermesh on there. Would have liked to do a few more layers and groomed it better, but unfortunately this is it for now.



Enjoyable Fiber mesh Quickie.
Hope you’ll find some more time to play this year.

Always enjoy your work. You are indeed the consummate monster maker. Thanks for posting. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Even unfinished it looks good Rick. The sickly terrifying beast lurking around feeling that emits from the creature comes right through. Thanks for sharing as usual

I think the hair looks great on the bada** kitty…great stuff…

Glad to see a new wip from you!


Hey monstermaker, long time without seeing some of your work. I see you haven’t lost the touch!:wink:

Ok I know I said that I would have to leave it alone at the last post but when I got home from work last night and looked at what I posted last well, frankly I was embarrassed. I couldn’t leave it at that last image. so I worked on it some more,plus I was just having too much fun playing. I wish I had more time to play with all of the new features in ZB at least I got to play with some. Still don’t know what I am doing.
I will try and work on this more and really finish it.
Thanks for you comments . Hey Baz nice to hear from an old timer again.



Awesome work Rick, really nice!! :smiley:

Great work as always Rick! I worked with you in the 80’s … my company, Temptu did some temporary Tattoos for a few films you were working on! Cheers, David :smiley:

love the expression!,
looks very ‘feline’ in its structure, not sure if the canine parts suit it, but it works. :slight_smile:
There’s always one isn’t there, and who am I to suggest that, your the man when it comes to were-creatures.

Nice control of fibers, the tool is young but has so much potential.