Few projects

Hello !

Here are some of my last projects and attempts to progress with zbrush and sculpting in general.

My last project is a quadruped creature.
After sculpting, retopo.( zremesher), unwrapping (uv master), painting, texturing, etc…, I have given to this creature a fibermesh fur, and a tiger style skin (!?).

Here is the latest render I made on this project.







here few faces (sculpts) I made recently



Good work, keep going! :smiley:

thank you ! :wink:

here is a little update:

here is a head I’ ve just sculpted, etc…


here are other wips








few updates of the last woman model.





very nice work man.waiting for the finished one.:+1::wink:

thank you very much, :slight_smile:

nice sculpt !

Really, really like the rendering style. Is the depth cue rendered in Zbrush or is it post processed. Wondering if you could explain how you got the miniature feel in the render. Thanks.

thank you guys,
really happy you like it !

about depth of field, it is coming from zbrush (depth pass from render pass in render menu),
but it’ s ‘post processed’. it is done in Photoshop,

I import depth pass from zbrush, into Photoshop,
then I add it in a new channel,
then I go to filter menu, ‘attenuation’ then “Lens blur”.
I choose zdepth pass name from the possible channels then I clic directly on the image, where I want the focal point will be (where the aera without blur will be, ex. eye, face, hand, object, etc.)
I can also use the slider.

in general I don’ t really touche depth cue in zbrush, why ? Just because for the moment I am not realy effective with it but maybe I will have to re try it if I want to progress.
(I 've understood that it is used in conjonction with fog, using “clic & slide” from slider fog/dept cue menu, directly onto the model to choose where focal point will be, etc… but yeah, I would have to retry it)

The effect you speak about is mainly coming from depth of field I suppose.

ps: the third one was rendered from Cinema 4D.

So I am trying to continue with this girl. We can see I have some difficulties, especially with hairs and clothes, but I hope I’ll correct it & progress.
Here are just other try

Awesome. Thanks for sharing your process. I will keep watch on your progress.

your welcome !:smiley:
Here are few try about skin details making (using layers for several detail ‘style’ &/or surface noise maker, etc), eye painting, body shaping, polypainting, hairs, and post processing with photoshop.



I’ m continuing girl model with adding body, clothe, etc…
I have continued other projects like this devil guy with armor (armor base mesh modeled in C4D, and imported into zBrush for tweaking, etc)





Hi all !
I have few renders to show you,

Keyshot rendering, Photoshop compositing with zBrush made model of mine, not perfect (ears I think, etc)

Just a new practice project, male character.
I’ ve begun with his head, then I have continue with its body. I have been ‘inspired’ by a video tutorial of R.Kingsley who demonstrate how he breakes human body and its musles into simples volumes like sphere.
I’ m not sur about his pose but for the moment it is it. I try to focus on anatomy (regard to my actual level), proportions, and overall shapes (and details).


ps: all thinking, ideas, advices, critics, remarques, etc, are, of course, welcomed :slight_smile: !

Hi, another character creation.



sword modeled & rendererd with c4d


fibers tests.





ZBrush Document.jpg