Hi everyone, here is the recent personal work, hope you like it


Awesome Work!!

Awesome Work . Lots and lots of details to admire:heart_eyes::fist::fist:

Nice design, paint, and detail! Wouldn’t mind seeing it in a less symmetrical pose. :+1:



thanks for the comment, i usually create a simple pose for the characters i make, but leaved this one to be at a semi rest pose because of its mass and weight

Thanks Amir :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks a lot

Great work

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Fanatic work!!! The details are really solid!

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Fantastic work amazing attention to details and texturing

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Awesome work! The textures are amazing.

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this is super cool :slight_smile:

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Love the desing.

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Awesome job dude! Love all of the hard work you have done. The details are smashing. A real inspiration to me. I am working on a few things myself. Thanks again.

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